Ranu Kumbolo, Heaven Of Mahameru

Ranu Kumbolo Lake By Watu Biru Adventure

Ranu Kumbolo is a famous place with a lake and views of the surrounding greenery. Shaped like a valley, do not be surprised if the weather in this place is very cool and airy. The lake was gorgeous, blue and cold. Ranu Kumbolo Lake seems to be an oasis at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level.
The scenery around the lake is very calming eye. The combination of evergreen trees, shrubs green, and blue sky, will spoil you. Many climbers camped here, besides a cool place, the beauty of sunrise in the morning obligatory to be seen.
Sunrise at Ranu Kumbolo very pretty and charming. Golden color of sunlight reflected by the surface of the lake. Prepare your best camera to capture the sunrise at this place. Indeed, the string of words is very difficult to describe sunrise of Ranu Kumbolo. That experience, might be an unforgettable lifetime.
its one if not the most beautiful lake in indonesia. you have to hike for about 4 hours from Ranupani base (Starting Point). its a beautiful lake surrounding with massive field for camping ground. Take a half hour to walk around the hill and you will arrive in lavender field. its so beautiful!!

Watu Biru Adventure

Please visit to Ranu Kumbolo and witness one of the best sunrise in Java!
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